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About JES Training

There's a Good Reason We're the Best-Known Training Source

A JES class suits up for a PROC "tology" session

We have trained literally thousands of people how to use Pick/D3. 

We used to employ the now-quaint stand-up training model for our live classes. While this was effective for its time, it required us to follow a fairly generalized format, since everyone came from a different company and background. So everyone built everything from scratch, including data.

Today, our remote training allows us to customize our material to the client's actual data and programs. We can't emphasize enough what a difference this makes. It removes the generality and applies the specificity to the same files and programs the student will continue to use after the class.

And what used to take five days in the classroom can be condensed to ten 1-hour sessions.

And if you want programming, add another 10 hours and we'll give you someone who can modify your programs with the confidence they are doing it right. 

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