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Pick/BASIC Programming

Don't Underestimate. It's Way More Powerful than BASIC

Jon also wrote the first Pick/BASIC textbook. It is still available as
a free  download

Once Fundamentals are out of the way, we now can address the incredibly powerful Pick/BASIC programming language in 10 1-hour sessions.

Our primary goal of this course is to get the student comfortable with the process of reading and updating existing code. 

Following the model laid out in "Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide" by Jonathan E. Sisk, we can take a novice programmer through the bulk of the most-used instructions, using practical examples and offering important insights into subtle issues like technique along the way. 

We then take that new knowledge and put it to test by applying it to the actual client code, in a safe way of course. We often have students bring  a pending programming task to class where we work on it together. 

This particular part of our training is more fluid than fundamentals, since the language has so many specific areas one could focus on.  So we tailor it to the exact needs of the student.


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