Jonathan E. Sisk & Associates

Jonathan is an author, trainer, and consultant specializing in MultiValue Databases based on the Pick-Nelson data model, now commercially known as D3, whose on-line help and documentation is still based upon his work.

Jon pioneered the Pick training and documentation industry in the early 1980's, personally teaching live classes in nearly every state and over 20 countries. At its peak, JES had affiliates in about a dozen cities and an incomparable roster of instructors whose vast experience and skill sets were second to none.

While the market for live, stand-up classes faded over a decade ago, today Jon teaches aspiring D3 technicians over the Internet. This allows for custom, intimate training, using the client's actual data and code, in a fraction of the time and without the cost of travel.

Some of the original JES Associates remain on the roster. Through our unique experience and expertise we can provide consulting, enterprise apps, mobile apps, databases, documentation, editing, Wiki and Web, conversions, modernizing user interfaces and expert witness services.

No matter what you are trying to achieve, if it's related to a MultiValue platform, we can connect you to the solution.

From a JES Instructor Conference, circa 1993

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